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Project Description

MSBuild Mercuria Tasks adds Mercurial management to MSBuild.
This project is developed in C#.

The Idea

All project starts from an idea.
In my case, I want to start a project on Codeplex and discover that Codeplex supports Mercurial (quite a good news) but that there is no MSBuild tasks for Mercurial and I like the idea that assembly version should be linked to source control (see Scenario 1).

My idea was to create this first project as a test project for:
  • Codeplex as this is my first project on the platform,
  • MSBuild extension as this is my first development to extend MSBuild,
  • Mercurial as I'm more common with Subversion,
  • Wix as the project will be deliver as a Msi file and I usually use InstallShield.

This project will be useful for me ... but I hope it can be for you too !

Your Ideas

If you have some ideas of new integration scenarios between Mercurial and MSBuild : feel free to contact me or use the discussions board.

Current Development

The current version is the 1.1.2 and it is ready for production.

See the Documentation for more information about the current and futures developments.

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