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The scenarios / use-cases of the project.

Scenario Target
Scenario 1 - Automatic Revision Number 0.1
Scenario 2 - Publish Procedure 0.2
Use Case 1 - Provide basic commands 1.0
Use Case 2 - Connect to a http secured repository 1.1

MSBuild Tasks

The MSBuild tasks provided by the project.

Tasks Description Associated Command Since
HgAdd Flags some files to be added to the source control during the next commit hg add 1.0
HgClone Clones a Mercurial repository hg clone 1.0
HgCommit Create a new Change Set in the current repository hg commit 0.2
HgForget Excludes some files of the source control on the next commit hg forget 1.0
HgInit Initializes a new Mercurial repository hg init 1.0
HgPull Retrieves the changes from a specific source hg pull 1.0
HgPush Transfer Change Sets between two repositories hg push 0.2
HgRemove Removes somes files of the repository on the next commit hg remove 1.0
HgTag Tag the current or a given Change Set hg tag 0.2
HgUpdate Update a repository to a specific revision hg update 1.0
HgVersion Provide the Changeset ID and the Revision Number of a workspace hg summary 0.1

Development Info

The development requirements are:

Visual Studio 2008 C# Express Edition used with customized MSBuild scripts
MSBuild Community Tasks Required to generate the AssemblyInfo of the projects
FxCop 1.36 Code analysis for the projects
StyleCop 4.3 Source analysis for the projects
Sandcastle Code source documentation generator
Sandcastle Help File Builder Manage Sandcastle from MSBuild
Apache 2.2 Simulate a remote http repository during unit test

This development of the project also use the following frameworks that are shipped with the source code:

NUnit 2.5.3 Unit test framework

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