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HgClone Task

Clones a Mercurial repository.


Property Type Description Required Since
Destination string the path of the new repository no 1.0
LibraryLocation string the path of the hg.exe command no 1.0
LocalPath string the local working copy yes 1.0
NoUpdate choice a value indicating whether the created repository will not have an initial working copy no 1.0
Password string the password of the user no 1.1
Revision string a specific revision to clone no 1.0
Source string the path of the cloned repository no 1.0
Ssh string the ssh command to use no 1.0
Timeout int the timeout for the task in milliseconds no 1.0
UpdateTo string the revision, tag or branch initially check out on the created repository no 1.0
User string the name of the user no 1.1

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