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Release 1.0


The release is designed to be the first "Ready for Production" release.
It will contains the basic commands required to manage a Mercurial repository (see Use Case 1).

New Tasks

Tasks Description Associated Command
HgAdd Flags some files to be added to the source control during the next commit hg add
HgForget Excludes some files of the source control on the next commit hg forget
HgPull Retrieves the changes from a specific source hg pull
HgRemove Removes somes files of the repository on the next commit hg remove
HgUpdate Update a repository to a specific revision hg update
HgClone Clones a Mercurial repository hg clone
HgInit Initializes a new Mercurial repository hg init


Version Release Date Description
1.0.0 Mar 27 2010 First release candidate
1.0.1 Apr 12 2010 Ready for Production

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