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Use Case 2 - Connect to a http secured repository

The objective

Some tasks are used to manipulate or read remote repositories.
Those tasks should provide a User and a Password properties to provide a better way to connect to those repository than using a 'http//user:pass@domain/repos' approach.

The tasks that should be updated are:


Remarks: The use of a client certificate is "out-of-scope" for this use case.

The analysis

The repository path should be updated to integrate the user and pass info as defined in Mercurial documentation 1.
As a result, there will be two equivalent possibilities to specify credential:
<HgPush Destination="http://user@pass:domain/repos" />
<HgPush Destination="http://domain/repos" User="user" Password="pass" />

The advantage of the second possibility will be to provide as simple way to manage anonymous / connected section.

Related To

This use case is related to the following issue: HgPull - Login/Pass issue


1: Adding credential to url

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